Same day Reveal Sessions

A few years ago, I came across the term In-Person Sales or IPS. It seemed like everyone who had a financially healthy photography business was doing it. The general concept is to have a booking fee and then to charge for the digitals, prints, and products separately. It took me a while to implement this business model but once I did my photography business changed 100% for the better. My customers were happier. I was making more money. My level of service went up and as a result, so did my quality of work. I adored seeing my clients' reactions. I promise you watching people cry over how beautiful their images are or hug me with overwhelming gratitude is the best thing a photographer will ever experience.

There are some difficulties with the in-person sales model though. The first being is trying to schedule a second appointment for people to come back and view their photographs. The second is meeting clients in their homes or in coffee shops and not always having the best environment for the viewing experience. Lastly, if clients are not properly educated it can be a very confusing and overwhelming experience for the clients. I have made every mistake with IPS and I am here to teach you how to avoid some of the headaches and build a financially healthy photography business.

Same Day Reveal Sessions were the solution for me. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this topic, I will explain how a typical session goes for my clients. The whole experience is four to five hours. I book a max of two appointments in a day and no more than six appointments a week. The client will come to my studio and receive professional makeup while I set up the shoot, plan lighting, and style the outfits. I will photograph my client for about an hour. Then I will send them out for a relaxing lunch/dinner while I edit the photographs. While the clients are on break I will cull, edit, and prepare a slideshow for my clients with the best images from their session. They will come back to the studio for their reveal session. This is when they will order their favorite images, prints, products, and any digital images they want to purchase. If they pay in full, their images will be immediately uploaded into a Pixieset Gallery, and any products will be ordered and drop-shipped to my clients from Miller's Lab.

Photographers love same Day Reveal Sessions Because...

Once I leave my studio I am done working, which at one point in time was something I could only dream about. I finally feel like I have some work-life balance. I am able to be fully present with my friends and family on days off. There are no more late nights editing. No more over-editing images. No more back and forth with clients. I'm forced to shoot better and more consistently. Clients are no longer waiting for galleries to be delivered. Products are delivered super fast and clients think I am AMAZING for being able to be so consistent and prompt.


Hello Instagratification. Clients can rave, share, and post about their experience the same day they have it - while emotions are still high. It allows clients to communicate freely, easily, and openly if they want retouching, photo corrections, or have questions about your products. They can personalize every aspect of their photo gifts. It supersedes every other experience they have had with a photographer who a.) either didn't deliver the photos b.) didn't deliver them in a timely manner and/or c.) photographers who didn't care enough about the client to make sure they were 100% satisfied.

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