Cristina is a captivating and spirited individual with an unquenchable thirst for life. Her vibrant energy is infectious and she is the epitome of a reliable friend. Though her style may be classic elegance, don't be fooled - she embraces adventure and will be the first one to suggest running naked through the desert. Whether dancing to her own beat or snuggling up on the couch with her golden doodle, Cristina lives life in full color.

As a trusted confidant, she empowers clients to confidently step into their true selves, embracing their unique beauty and owning their power. Her mission is to inspire women to celebrate themselves, reconnect their bodies and souls, and teach them how to love themselves more deeply than ever before. This is more than just a photoshoot in the Red Rocks - it's an opportunity to dance in the desert and experience a transformative journey towards self-love.

Cristina is celebrating 10 years in business!

Outdoor Nude Photography Sedona Arizona

This is photography for the woman - not of the woman for other people. This is the celebration of the female form as an art form. Ladies - you are welcome to come as you are, right now, today. If you want to rediscover yourself or if you are ready to confidently celebrate the woman you are - You are in the right place. I will coach you down to your fingertips and help you celebrate every line, curve and every ounce of your femininity.

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"There is nothing prettier in the world than a girl in love with every breath she takes" - Atticus
Outdoor Boudoir Photography Sedona Arizona
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“No other photographer like Cristina! Her soothing and playful presence helped me feel comfortable in front of the camera immediately. She taught me exactly how to pose, giving me helpful tips and gentle corrections along the way. The entire experience was magical and flew by. The pictures I got back brought me to tears, never before had I been able to see myself and truly love my body in photographs. Every woman needs a photoshoot with Sedona Bella.”

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The Photo Experience

Photoshoot > Editing > Reveal Session > Delivery! In just 4-5 hours with Sedona Bella, you'll have a dream photoshoot and be able to go home with your pictures the same day as your shoot.

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