In-Person Sales Essentials

If you have ever wanted to make the transition to in-person sales or if you want to make your sales experience faster, smoother, and more efficient then this is the article for you.

Must Haves

  1. Fast Computer
  2. Editing Software - I use Lightroom & Photoshop. I cull all of the images in Lightroom, apply presets, then retouch in Photoshop.
  3. Presets - This is how you get your speed when editing. I have a preset for every lighting situation and every set in my studio. I sync edit all of the similar images and then make tiny adjustments as necessary.
  4. Viewing TV - I have the Toshiba TF - 43 inch 4k UHD TV. I purchased it for $220 on Black Friday. The most important thing is to make sure your TV and laptop match color range and color profiles. (4k Laptop/4k TV)
  5. Fundy - I love Fundy's ability to work offline. It quickly compresses images and throws them into a slideshow in less than a minute all without being connected to the internet.
  6. Smart Albums - If you have ever spent more than 15 minutes designing an album. You need this software. It comes with hundreds of drag and drop templates, and allows for seamless export to the Print Lab of your choice.

Other Accessories

  • Tethered Cable - If you have the ability to shoot tethered, that will make you edit even faster! You can have the images automatically load into Lightroom and apply the preset of your choice. This would leave only the need to cull and photoshop during the client's break.
  • Exposure 5 Software - I use this software to level up my images. You can add fancy filters, image washes, textures, and lighting embellishments easily and effortlessly.
  • Animoto - Animoto is my favorite slideshow maker. If clients purchase their slideshow or buy my biggest package, I will create a custom slideshow through Animoto. It's also AMAZING for marketing purchases.
  • Wacom Tablet - Your retouching best friend.
  • iPad - I am probably the biggest fan of Procreate and Canva. I do the majority of my social media content and design of marketing materials on the iPad.
  • External Monitor - I have the Philips Brillance 27" 4k UHD Monitor and since I have a brick and mortar studio space this the monitor in my home setup.
  • Product Samples - I have the frames and album cover samples from Miller's. I went from never selling either product to selling at least one to every single client who walks into my studio. People are visually motivated and they love things they can picture, touch, and imagine in their homes.

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