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I want you to know that you could show up to your maternity shoot with NOTHING, and we would still make magic happen. I have had many women bring just a pair of underwear, while others have shown up with a suitcase full of options. This maternity session is not about celebrating the beauty of pregnancy. So whatever you bring, please don’t stress. Simply bring items that reflect your personality and let me take care of the rest. The most important aspect of your portrait session is bringing items you love, items that fit you well and flatter your shape. This guide will help you determine the best pieces for your photo-shoot goals. You are welcome to browse my Pinterest boards, or email me if you have additional questions. XOXO

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Have your eye on something swoon-worthy? Send me a picture of it prior to purchase, if it fits with my brand and the studio aesthetic, I may purchase it from you after your photo-shoot in the form of product credit for your photographs.

Flutter dresses

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To put it simply, your significant other should match you. If your outfit is formal and elegant theirs should be as well. If you are going casual and cozy then they should have a relaxed look. Here is a quick list of my favorite pieces to photograph.

  • Dark Jeans
  • Dress Shirt (Tie/Bow-Tie & Belt)
  • Blazer
  • Black T-shirt
  • White T-shirt
  • Briefs or PJs (for cozy ‘at home’ styled photographs)
  • Items without patterns, prints or logos photograph best.
  • For same sex couples - be sure to each dress in a manner that reflects your individual personalities

quick tips

“If you are interested in flowy dress, fine art nude or implied nude photographs please bring a nude strapless bra and a nude thong.

Other Items to Bring:
Robe and flip-flops
Items from the Nursery
Baby Shoes, Clothes, Stuffed Animals”