Makeup with the best

If you added makeup to your photoshoot package then here is all the information you will need for your makeup appointment. My makeup artist excels at enhancing your natural beauty. If you have a look you like, you are welcome to bring an inspirational image for her to use as a reference. Start to think about how dramatic you want your eye makeup to be. If you would like your hair curled or straightened, braided or in an up-do please style your hair prior to arriving at your appointment. It is perfectly okay to arrive in curlers or do a few touch-ups at the studio.

Upon arrival, your face should be clean, dried, and ready for makeup application. Please inform the makeup artist if you would like anything about your look changed or if you have any allergies and/or sensitive skin. It's also super helpful if you email me with a bare-face selfie as this helps the makeup artist prepare the right colors and products for your appointment.

Let the celebration of your beauty begin!